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One of the most important elements of the Whitefish Lake Institute is the people who come together to support the continuation of our work. There are a number of ways to contribute to and participate in our work and to invest in the future of Whitefish Lake and our community.

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Donation of Goods
- Donations of boats and vessels, equipment, supplies, and
furniture are an impactful way to support the work of WLI. Please contact us if you
are considering a donation.

Donations of Pontoon Boat and Truck

Donation of Professional Services or Discounted Services– WLI is always looking for ways to get our work done well with a minimal outlay of cash. Pro bono or discounted services are a wonderful way for you to contribute, and are most appreciated by WLI.

Special thanks to our pro bono supporters: Jeremiah Anderson of Balancing Axe, who has crafted signs and benches out of wood for us; Jim Berry of Mobile Marine Service, who cares for our research vessels; Cora Christensen of Cora Christensen EA, who did our bookkeeping in the early years; Kim Corette, private citizen, who has supported both the administrative and research functions of our organization; Walt Curtis of eBizServices, who does our website design, hosting, and IT; Chuck Gailey of OTB Designworks, who has contributed numerous hours of rendering and animation to the Living Watershed Learning Center and other projects; Greg Gunderson of Forestoration, Inc, who has provided design and construction services for our Living Wetlands Interpretive Nature Trail; Peter Petri of Mobile LoGIStics Mapping, who develops our GIS mapping projects; Chad Phillips of Phillips Architecture and Planning, who has contributed many architectural design hours to the Living Watershed Learning Center project; Ross Strauser of The Big Fish Radio; John Engen, Mayor of Missoula who have emceed our Whitefish Wine Auction; Marc Vessar of the Montana Department of Natural Resources, who has been our Whitefish Wine Auction event auctioneer; Dan Vogel, professional food and wine director, who has been our Whitefish Wine Auction sommelier extraordinaire, the great folks at High Country Linen Supply who classed up our office with a beautiful logo doormat, Connie Chung who donated her time and talent to making our 2015 (and final) Wine Auction a success; Simple Chef Catering for making our special events simply delicious; and many others who have contributed time and services to WLI.

Jeremiah Anderson

Jim Berry

Cora Christensen

Connie Chung

Walt Curtis

John Engen
City of Missoula

Chuck Gailey

Greg Gunderson

High Country Linen Supply

Peter Petri

Chad Phillips

Simple Chef Catering

Ross Strauser

Marc Vessar

Dan Vogel

Letters of

Gov. Bullock
Gov. Schweitzer


Estate Planning (Create Your Whitefish Lake Legacy) - WLI is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Charitable bequests can reduce your estate tax liabilities. Naming WLI in your will is easy, and you can designate any amount you wish. Please consult with your attorney if you are ready to create or amend your will , and give our office a call so we may assist you. Making a legacy gift to the Whitefish Lake Institute allows you to create a lasting relationship with the lake and the community that will represent your wishes long into the future. Legacy gifts provide stability that helps us focus our work and reinforce our programs as we grow and change.

Special Giving – There are many creative ways to give to a non-profit. If you have any special giving goals, we would be happy to work with you to try to achieve them.

Volunteering – WLI partners with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks on the Northwest Montana Lakes Volunteer Monitoring Network (NWMTLVMN). Through the work of volunteers in this program, lake data is collected and an annual report is prepared detailing the health and status of lake resources in Flathead, Lake, and Lincoln counties. Other volunteer opportunities are also available.

All of these methods of contributing and participating in WLI programs help ensure that our local lake resources are protected and improved based on credible science and community input. This work will protect the health of our lakes, increase our enjoyment of them, and help maintain a vibrant Whitefish economy. In addition, future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle that includes a healthy interface with local lake resources.

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